Pharmaceutical industries require the highest level of intelligence in manufacturing and integrity of products. To help solve their automation needs, we have worked extensively with pharmaceutical industries and their Integrity equipment. There is a growing need for multi-seller PLC communications in the pharmaceutical industry for quicker monitoring, decreased cycle times, and higher levels of secure data transmission for control and reporting purposes. We have provided the necessary solution to incorporate these multivendor PLCs with the use of open field buses gateways and their configuration. We also provide customer-specific plant data monitoring solutions that include data such as system information, batch details, set parameters, Event details, Alarm details, Audit details & Signatures etc. in a single document.


  • Batch Systems
  • Continuous Systems
  • UF, RO System
  • Servo Based System
  • Online/offline Report generation & Printing
  • Industrial Water.
  • Sterilisation system.
  • Filling, inspection and packaging
  • counting & rejection system
  • PLC, SCADA, HMI Based service