Factories such as steel, milk, chemicals, paper and so on have numerous and complex processes. Manually managing each of these processes is a danger to the product's quality and efficiency. The output parameters can only be controlled by regulating processes by automation. Machine operators can not manually track performance values and output quality to determine the best settings for operating the production equipment. Once atomization is applied, the performance and maintenance schedule parameters are all set. It results in safe operating conditions and operational performance. Instrumentation means control and measurement of process variables within a manufacturing area.We automate process plants in a variety of industries on a holistic basis using the most advanced process control systems or SCADA solutions available.


  • RO Treatment Plant Automation.
  • DM water plant automation
  • ETP Pump Application.
  • Process Control & Batching System.
  • SCADA Based processing.
  • Furnace control Automation system