We have done lot of projects in various verticles of industries ,with the domain expertise we are having.
Machine upgradation and control system retrofittment is our passion. We have done control system upgradation projects for almost all types of machine tool applications and various SPM with different automation products like Plc, Servos, Vfds and special sensors.
We did lot of projects in process integration using control system, SCADA and customized software.
Tracking using RFID and bar code readers ,pick and place, small SPM building, error tracking and full proofing ,complete assembly integration and robotics are some of areas where we have developed our expertise.
IOT based application , data collection from shop floor and integration with enterprise software ,reporting ,web applications are the areas we are working.


Plating Plant PLC Up-gradation

Plating Plant PLC Up-gradation & Autologic for 5 Tanks.


Preventive maintenance is maintenance performed on a piece of equipment on a regular basis to reduce the likelihood of failure. It is conducted while the machinery is still functioning so that it is not suddenly breaking down

Stator and Rotor Notching Machine

Up-gradation Of Stator and rotor notching machine with high precision & adjustment of SPM & slots with Max-SPM Of 600.

Toss Hobbing Machine

Up-gradation Of Toss Hobbing Machine

Up-gradation of Ghering Honing Machine

Up-gradation Of Ghering Honing Machine.

Following are some of the list of projects—

  • 24 station transferline machine
  • Gear shaping machine like lorenz,tos,hmt ws1 etc.
  • Gear hobbing machines like tos,barbar colem,hmt h400,cooper etc.
  • Internal gring machine like hmt,pmt etc.
  • Cylindrical grinding machine like tachella, hmt k130 etc
  • Cnc lathe
  • Gear chanfering
  • Gear honning like nagel,
  • Broching machines like hmt etc.
  • High speed notching machines like weigentern etc.
  • Various hydralic and mechanical presses
  • Different types of spms
  • Integration of robot and machine.
    and many more………….

  • Energy management software
  • Collecting shopfloor data directly from plc/machine and real time data monitoring reporting and oee calculations.
  • Unique web based pm software.
  • Die/mould life monitoring software,an integration of machine ,web and mobile technologies.

  • Unitank automation
  • Furnace automation
  • Ro plant automation
  • Etp plant automation
  • Plating /phosphating plant automation
  • Cooling tower and raw water treatment plant
    and many more.------